We all need to find our own pace.

Interactive infography here: https://podio.com/site/creative-routines

Anatomy series by John Atkinson

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92’s LA riots by Kirk McKoy

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The Lifecycle of a Star // Jiggling Atoms

The private view was last night and it was such a success! Thank to everyone who came, it was totally aces - the cocktails were nice too. Here’s the piece I submitted, originally it had a chunk of text under each stage of the stars lifecycle but removed it all last minute! Didn’t want it to be that technical.

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Watercolor heroes, Blule

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Minimalist famous quote, by Ryan McArthur (part 2)

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Minimalist famous quote, by Ryan McArthur (part 1)

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Minimal posters literally illustrating famous rock bands’ name, by Tata&Friends

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Blurred Cityscapes, by Valerio D’Ospina

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"I fought the law" series, by Olivia Locher

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Cinemagraphs of the Radà photo shooting

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The 13 Gods of the Internet Pantheon


The Naked City, Jeremy Mann

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